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Storytelling Workshop: Rhythm, Drums and Sound

This is a very interactive workshop. We begin with an exploration of rhythm within ourselves, our stories, and our characters. Each of us has a set of unique rhythms that live within us. We take them for granted and are usually unaware of our own personal set of beats and movements. Starting with our own breathing, we will observe and compare individual rhythms. After looking at our own natural rhythms, we will look at the rhythms of stories in speech, movement, story structure and word patterns. What happens when we change these rhythms?

The second half of the intensive will begin with a traditional drum circle and then explore ways to tell stories using drums (these techniques can be applied to other instruments and art forms). Participants will learn basic hand drum techniques and rhythms. In a drum circle, we will try out two or three stories using drums (chant and drum, drum story, drum story with narration). We will finish by learning how to use different sound techniques to enhance stories and performances with an emphasis on engaging rhythms with both sound, pauses, and movements. ~Rivka Willick

This workshop is designed with beginners in mind.  Drums are provided.  Click here for the informational flier.