Why Perception Matters When Presenting (Article)

Joe Dudis, storyteller and member of New Jersey Storytelling recently shared a thought-provoking article with us. It was interesting enough that we decided to share it with you. Published on July 10th, 2018 by Forbes, the title of the article is, "It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It: Why Perception Matters When Presenting." Here is an excerpt from the article:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Which leads us to a simple and irrevocable truth: When it comes to body language, actions really do speak louder than words, and your body language can make or break your presentation.

An audience decides within seconds if they trust the speaker on stage, and that determines the speaker’s level of success before the audience. These seconds are used, perhaps unconsciously on the part of the audience, sizing up how the speaker presents him-or herself. If the audience doesn’t trust the speaker, it won’t matter what he or she says; the audience will not be persuaded. But a confident (and “confident” does not mean “arrogant”) attitude on stage gives you an air of authority, which supports your story.

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Bordentown storyteller reflects on her art

NJSN member, Denise McCormack was highlighted on CommunityNews.com recently. Below is an excerpt from the feature:


I’ll tell you a story.

So goes the beginning of the answer to “What is the meaning of life?” The story behind that actually stems from artificial intelligence research a few decades ago. It’s what a computer capable of relating stories said when asked that question.

Or so the story goes. Whether it’s true is not the point. The point is the power of the statement. And the story itself is one Denise McCormack likes to tell. The answer is just so … perfect for how she sees humanity: We are stories. Our personalities, our memories, dare one say our very souls; all about story.

It’s impossible, in fact, to separate McCormack from stories. That’s not just because she tells them for a living, it’s because talking to her for more than a few minutes means hearing one story after another, after another.

It’s almost tempting to think she’s not even aware of how many stories she has in her mental library; like a comedian peeling off one-liners in a nightclub. It’s easy to start wondering if she’ll ever run out; easy to try to remember them all for later; easy to start telling your own in return.

But then, that’s largely what McCormack wants—stories, from everywhere and everyone. Because part of telling stories, she says, is hearing them back. 

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Storyteller Denise McCormack Producing New Radio Program


Storyteller Denise McCormack is in the process of producing a radio program in the Germantown/Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. The premise of the program, of course, will be stories and storytelling.

If you'd like to share a story or stories --or a facet of storytelling, to be recorded and aired, please use this link to send your information and ideas to Denise.

For more information about Denise, visit www.MagicWords101.com ... because the right words can do magic!

Of Interest: Ursula K. Le Guin on Redeeming the Imagination from the Commodification of Creativity and How Storytelling Teaches Us to Assemble Ourselves

While this is long article, it is well worth the read. Relax and enjoy the sage words from an author who has inspired three generations of readers.

Le Guin writes:

In America the imagination is generally looked on as something that might be useful when the TV is out of order. Poetry and plays have no relation to practical politics. Novels are for students, housewives, and other people who don’t work. Fantasy is for children and primitive peoples. Literacy is so you can read the operating instructions. I think the imagination is the single most useful tool mankind possesses. It beats the opposable thumb. I can imagine living without my thumbs, but not without my imagination.

Read the full article here.

Storytelling Conference in the News!

The Northeast Storytelling Conference was held in Plymouth, MA in March. PCNtv stopped into several of the events and workshops to learn more about this art form.  How fun! Check out the video below to see one of our members, Rivka Willick in action (1:05 minute mark and again around 1:40 minutes) and to learn more about storytelling.



Of Interest: Story Smart: Using the Science of Story to Persuade, Influence, Inspire, and Teach

Here is a reading option for storytellers: "Story Smart: Using the Science of Story to Persuade, Influence, Inspire, and Teach."  This one-of-a-kind book reveals the secrets of a story's power to persuade, inspire, influence, and to teach. * Shows how to use the power of story to get your message across in any medium or venue * Explores the convergence of the neural science of story with the art of communication to reveal the power of words * Provides tips, techniques, and strategies for structuring your stories for the most impact * Reveals the common communication pitfalls to avoid.
Source: Alibris.com.

BBC News, writes: "When storytellers get personal... very personal"

On May 3rd, BBC News wrote, "Storytelling events are hugely popular in much of the US, with more and more people paying to see performers share their most intimate experiences on stage. But how intimate is too intimate?

A room full of strangers is waiting. Graham Campbell is backstage, pacing one way then another under the red light of an Exit sign, muttering under his breath. As the compere gives the cue for him to step on to the stage, he admits he is "terrified," 

Read more

National Storytelling Conference to take place July 21st-24th

The National Storytelling Conference brings together National Storytelling Network (NSN) members, as well as individuals and organizations from the community, who are interested in the art and application of storytelling. Members and non-members present material appealing to attendees’ variety of interests and developmental needs.

For complete details, including location, lodging and ticketing visit:

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