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Storytelling and the Art of Reminiscence


Elders have led active, vital lives. Those who reside in long-term healthcare facility or assisted-living/rehab residences have impairments that have taken away a great deal of their independence.  Although these facilities meet their basic physical needs, feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression are common.  Residents are often “talked at” and “talked to” but seldom “talked with.” Self- esteem often plummets as elders wonder whether their lives have made a positive difference for anyone.  Storytelling offers elders an opportunity to recapture the threads of meaning, purpose and connection that are woven throughout their lives. 

This workshop will: 1) introduce and define the basic concept of reminiscing; 2) discuss of value of storytelling as a reminiscence activity; and 3) provide storytelling tips for engaging elder audiences. Vicki Bryan - Facilitator

St. John A.M.E. Church
77 Palisade Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675

*Look for balloons outside of church

(973) 673-1832