Rivka Willick

Passaic, NJ
(Passaic County)

Rivka is a FolkTeller who celebrates the stories we live. She creates and tells tales of the people and places that define us. Histories come alive. Healing Stories are just the right medicine. Variety and Texture is added to Festivals and Music Programs. And there’s no reason to dread a business event when Rivka is part of the program

Rivka has performed at NJ Storytelling Festival, NJ History Fair, Business Dinners, Schools, Charity Events, Jewish functions, is a member of the Story Weavers and is also Story Chair of the Folk Project.

Special Programs Available Labor Daze – birth stories Chanukah Sparks –Tales of Chanukah Simply Extraordinary Tales – the stories about us. Original Stories tailored to your event

Audience: Adult (school age and teen programs also available)

Member since: 5/07