Richard Stillmen

Montclair, NJ
(Essex County)

Richard Stillman is a musical storyteller who combines a theatrical style of storytelling with authentic musical instruments from around the world. He has a wonderful way with children, and presents stories from a wide range of cultures. Mr. Stillman brings all this background to his storytelling performances, as well as his extensive collection of musical instruments, which can include: mandolin, banjo, balalaika, Puerto Rican cuatro, digeridoo, Scottish bagpipes, Spanish bagpipes, pentatonic lyre, talking drum, kalimba, ukulele, tin whistle, flagolet, bamboo clarinet, and panpipes. When you listen to Mr. Stillman perform, you feel a timeless quality that embraces many cultures and centuries.

Audience: all ages
Member since: 5/03

Listen and watch some of Richard's music, storytelling & dance performances.