Mike Agranoff

(Morris County)

Mike Agranoff comes to the Storytelling world by way of Folk Music. A veteran performer on the Folk circuit, Mike has always included spoken material within the context of his musical performances. In that capacity, he is best known for his gripping recitations, such as The Ballad of Jake an 10-Ton Molly, which has become a signature piece. But he can also deliver more light-hearted fare, such as The Battle of Trenton, a bit of faux history done in authentic dialect. Many of his stories are musical "ballads" in the original sense of that word: a song that tells a story. These range from the touchingly poignant The Girl From the Great Divide to the outrageous Invitation to a Funeral. And he is a master of mixing musical and spoken works into a seamless whole, such as Would You Like To Play the Guitar, or The Ballad of the White Seal Maid.

Mike's work is most definitely directed at adult sensibilities. His range of emotion, his almost telepathic transmission of meaning, his expressive and mobile features, and impeccable timing capture the listener and sweep him away to wherever Mike leads him. Carol Titus, founder of the New Jersey Storytelling Network said of Mike, "Whether sung or spoken, Mike delivers a story with sincerity and directness so that the audience 'gets it' and is glad to do so."

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