Linda Howe

(Union County) 

Linda Howe is an experienced storyteller, artist, educator, painter, writer, muralist and poet who captivates audiences of all ages, with tales and myths from cultures around the world.

She is also a Certified Master Tree Steward through Rutger's University 4-H programs, and is filled with stories and the science of the Life Cycle of Trees and how they relate to our interdependent web of life and all the living creatures on our planet.

Her story favorites include Native American Star Legends, Tall Tales, humorous stories, nature and animal stories, Womens' History, stories about handling bullies, social justice, preservation of the environment, sustainability, the diversity of faiths, along with the beauty of creation. Linda's stories and art are about discovery, coming alive, connecting to one another, building bridges within ourselves, families, friendships, community and enlivening our expressions of joyous, conscious, and living, learning, and loving.

She is on the faculty of the Yard School in Montclair Museum and also offers private art, storytelling, creative writing, and Touch Drawing sessions or workshops for adults, teens, teachers children, and seniors. Touch Drawing is a beautiful, intuitive, expressive, hands on process that she can integrate with storytelling and engage the audience to draw out themselves and their own stories. While stories stand well on their own, the mono-print process called Touch Drawing can safely, simply, ease-fully enliven a personal as well as collective sense of responding within the story, and encourage physical creative expression and connection to core creative energy in the present moment. It is a tactile way of using one's hands to 'kiss the joy as it flies!"

Member since: 5/11