Denise McCormack

(Mercer County)

Denise McCormack presents Magic Words 101 and Storytelling programs for all ages and venues.

Denise McCormack delights with traditional, fractured, and original tales as well as classic literature and myth.Through  a thematic repertoire of stories, poems, and songs, audiences share a  unique experience that fosters communication, learning, and - most  importantly, fun.  Ms. McCormack performs at libraries, booksellers, literacy events, museums, street fairs, festivals, and schools.

Storytelling builds...

*Character *Cultural Literacy *Comprehension *Vocabulary *Listening Skills * Memory & Recall *Cross-curricular connections ... and a whole lot more.

Denise McCormack is a  member of the New Jersey Storytelling Network, the Garden State Storytellers' League, the National Storytellers League, National Storytelling Network and Princeton Storytelling Circle.

Member Since: 08/10