The Myth Makers 

Upper Montclair, NJ
(Essex County)

From ancient times, storytellers have woven music and words to entertain and teach. *THE MYTHMAKERS* continue this tradition using stories and instruments from different cultures around the world. Two master actor/storytellers, Gerald Fierst and Richard Stillman present performances loaded with music and audience participation, with themes to parallel elementary and middle school curricula. Authentic musical instruments from the appropriate cultures and historical periods accompany and enhance each story. Programs are available for pre-K - 8th grade and for familiy audiences.

In their fast paced performances, these two dynamic performers act out each story, creating characters and places using only their voices, bodies, highlighted with instrumental sounds and song. Drama, comedy, literature, music, and a great deal of imagination and participation combine into a fun-filled experience for the entire family. Contact the Mythmakers at 973-783-0118 or 973-746-4608 0r at

Member since: 3/05

Watch a story performance by the Mythmakers: