Doreen Shepard

Columbus, NJ
(Burlington County)

Audiences: all ages, all places!

Doreen Shepard, a former teacher and children’s librarian, began her storytelling career with a focus on nature stories, encouraging others to have a greater appreciation for the world around us. She has “branched” out to become more versatile in tailoring her selections to meet other interests of her audiences.

Doreen has shared her stories at libraries, schools, parks, senior citizen centers, children’s birthday parties, and garden centers. She enjoys learning new tales and looks forward to continuing the storytelling journey.

As seen in the NY Times: "I always explain that as the teller, you have the stage to yourself" Ms. Jones said. " You must portray the characters, you must give the backdrop, so you are totally responsible for the story. And Doreen achieves that, because she is so sincere. She has that connectiveness. It makes you want to listen." Storytelling Trance, NY Times, March 28, 2010

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