Kathy Pierce

Phillipsburg, NJ
(Warren County)

Listeners describe Kathy Pierce as "exuberant", "generous", "compelling", "motivating" and "engaging". Kathy tells folktales, fairytales, ghost stories, myths, women's stories, literary, and original stories, spiced with bits of poetry, song, and unusual instruments. Whether funny, joyous, or poignant, the stories inspire us to celebrate our deeply shared humanity. Telling professionally for twenty years brings rich experience and energy to her performances and workshops. Kathy brings stories to children and to adults in schools, libraries, theaters, museums, festivals, campfires, conferences, corporate events, etc. From a Bath, PA, principal, "Excellent! Great rapport, good material, well told." Stories, information, and references at website.

Audience: Children, family and adult
Member since: 10/02